Brand Ambassadors:

What we are expecting from you…

"Check In"

On social media platforms when you are at the salons.

*Add Wendy Griest on your social media so she can monitor your posts. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

"Purse Coupons"

You will be given 10 each month, in which you will hand out to classmates. Only one per person. (We will show you how to fill them out)

Every time a coupon is redeemed you get a referral point. 1 ref. point = $5 in-store credit.


Besides from the ref. points, you will also be getting free tanning for the duration of being an ambassador. In addition, 50% off all lotion bottles. The tanning package you will receive is Level 1.

If at any point you wish to use the higher levels, you will need to pay for the upgrades.

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